Icon system design

  • Vehicle and Transportation

    Vehicle and Transportation

  • Home automation

    Home automation

  • Journal International

    Journal International

  • Public symbols

    Public symbols

  • Sony Playstation icons

    Sony Playstation icons

  • Contour application icons

    Contour application icons

  • Furniture iconset

    Furniture iconset

  • 3d vector icons

    3d vector icons

  • Mobile interface icons

    Mobile interface icons

  • Environmental icons

    Environmental icons

  • Airport signage

    Airport signage

  • Music interface icons

    Music interface icons

  • Isometric icons / illustrations

    Isometric icons / illustrations

  • Vinyl wall decals

    Vinyl wall decals

  • SEO-Internet-marketing-icons

    Presentation for a new set of SEO and internet marketing stock icons

  • oil-disaster-pollution-illustration-concept

    Self initiated concept illustration. Inspired by oil disasters polluting our oceans and sealife.

  • avatars-pictographic-illustrated-vector-designs

    Pictographic illustrations in vector line art. Four people avatars / character designs.

  • hotel-facility-icons-and-services

    A set of consistent designed hotel icons, displaying the different facilities and services the...

  • weather-forecast-icons-contour-outlined-design

    Small set of weather forecast icons, for use in home automation systems.

  • set-fitness-exercise-icons-vector-design

    Icon design for fitness exercises and training workouts, used in an iOs app for Azumnio.

  • business-people-metaphors-icons-vector

    Small series of business concepts icon form.

  • bear-bull-icon-design

    Bear and Bull.

  • contour-line-icon-design-series

    Shutterstock requested a series of new icons for their website and general interface elements....

  • london-olympic-games-big-ben-flame

    Pictographic illustration for the London Olympics. Self-initiated poster concept

  • small-interface-icons

    A collection of small interface icons.

  • transportation-vehicle-icons-outlined-design

    The goal was to create a set which stands out of the crowd, different,...

  • icon-design-ecpat-usa

    A small series of icons for ECPAT USA. A charity project, because it matters!