Enhance the interaction with your user, interface and corporate identity.

Sodafish is the iconographic work of Tom Nulens, a UI/UX and digital product designer from Belgium. Tom has a strong passion for design that uses its simplicity to reach maximum communication value.

In a world increasingly defined by diversity and complexity, a simple icon can solve problems. It speaks a universal language which has the power to transform your environment into an efficient and attractive communicative interface. It crosses cultural borders, without the need for clarifying words. It builds bridges, between interfaces and users, environments and inhabitants, signs and ideas. All with the unmistakable fingerprint of your unique brand identity. Put simply, a well-designed iconsystem will enhance the interaction with your user, interface and corporate identity.


Sony, Codex digital, Cisco systems, Immucor, Azumio, Benefitfocus, Cloudalize, Ecpat USA, A+Magazines, Nike, NXTGIG, One smart control, Aristo Music, Nedap, Weecare

Good icon design is …


Pixel perfect design boosts the quality of your icons on both desktop and mobile environments.


When there’s less to read, you’ll read it faster. A well designed icon only contains elements that contribute to its message and recognition.


Consistency of style is just the beginning. Icons need to be visually appealing as well as functional. Beautiful as well as useful.


Good iconography is vector build and can be rescaled to any size without any loss of quality.


Good icon design will represent a visual extrapolation of your existing environment. In harmony with your interface, product and corporate identity.


Access more of your target group and more of their minds, with a fast and highly readable language that boosts recognition and memory retention.